2012. június 22., péntek

Naturally winners

This Sunday I'll travel with my family a vacation, so I write now a post with the Naturally kit winners before I forget :P
Petra (my daughter) is now unfortunately very sick, so this time she don't pull out the winners. 
I pull out the winners now. So:
Blog winner is : Dawn
Facebook winner is: Robin Sizemore
Dawn and Robin, I send you in FB messages with your coupon.

Most vasárnap elutazunk egy kis nyaralásra, ezért megírom gyorsan a Naturally készlet győzteseket., mielőtt elfelejtem :P
Petra sajnos elég beteg most, így nem tud sorsolni. Most én csinálom. Szóval:
A blogban nyert: Dawn
A Facebookon nyert: Robin Sizemore
Dawn Robin, elküldöm nektek Facebookon a nyereményt.

1 megjegyzés:

Dawn írta...

I have been away from home - at my brother's wedding - so I have just seen the news!! I am so excited! Thank you so much!!! I LOVE this kit! I am so sorry your daughter is ill though - I do hope she gets well quickly, poor thing. Off to download and it is past midnight but I can't wait! Thank you!!